Overseas and Indian nurses for NHS

Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) is to recruit more than 600 nurses – mostly from the Philippines but also some from India – as an emergency measure to meet a critical shortage in Northern Ireland, it was announced on Monday.

The nurses cannot be found in the European Union, not because of Brexit but because there is also a shortage of trained staff on the Continent.

Across the UK as a whole there is a reported shortage of 40,000 nurses but in Northern Ireland, the shortfall is said to be 1,500 – 10 per, cent below capacity. Pegging nurses’ pay to 1 percent increases has aggravated the problem.

From hearsay and a single photograph, staff nurse Sabitha Nambiar has a mental picture of Antrim, in Northern Ireland. It is soon to be her home, and, in her mind, it is very much like Shillong – a hill station in Meghalaya, northeast India’s tea growing region with Victorian bungalows, the world’s wettest championship golf course and daily power cuts. All she knows for sure is the maths. In Britain, nurses earn in one year what in India takes them a decade.

How is life for an Indian Male Nurse in the UK?

Nursing is a field where things like race, gender or age don’t matter. The life of a male nurse of Indian origin in England/Ireland is similar to any other nurse, whether male or female. As a nurse, you get to work with people and help them get better, which is a great feeling. I work with a male Indian nurse, and I can say that he has no problem blending in. He works as hard as other nurses, no cutting slack. And, since the Indian population is high in the area, patients from Indian origin feel more comfortable with him. The only difference appears when female nurses like us ask his help for heavy lifting, which is obvious.

13 Reasons to Work in the NHS as an Overseas Nurse

Working in the UK’s beloved National Health Service (NHS) as an overseas nurse has many benefits. Not only will you work in one of the world’s leading healthcare systems, but you will also be providing high-quality care that is freely accessible to everyone in the UK. But working in the NHS as an overseas nurse isn’t only about prestige. As an overseas nurse in the UK, you will have the respect of the nation, as well as a healthy pay and benefits package.

By partnering with Medacs Healthcare, you’ll get help with every aspect of the move to the UK. So if you are a nurse in India, the Philippines, or anywhere else in the world, moving to work in the NHS has never been so simple, rewarding and stress-free. Here are the top 13 reasons to work in the NHS as an overseas nurse.